Orthopaedic Services in South Florida

At Tenet Florida Physician Services, our team of board certified orthopaedic surgeons provide comprehensive treatment for all limb and joint injuries, including injuries to bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Our team has treated over 263,000 patients and handles around 300,000 visits a year.

Whatever the nature of your injury, our skilled surgeons and physicians can provide the some of the most cutting-edge procedures to restore functionality. Some of our surgeries are minimally-invasive, which means they allow for quicker healing and a shorter path to complete recovery.

In addition to our surgical techniques, our holistic treatment includes non-surgical procedures and effective therapies. We can help you rebuild your muscles and bones correctly, allowing you to enjoy restored movement and strength.

For more information about our procedures, speak with a doctor at TFPS Orthopaedics by contacting us today.