Our Team of Orthopedists

When it comes to treating bones, muscles, joints, and soft tissue, you want the most knowledgeable doctors available. General knowledge is not enough to ensure full recovery of functionality and strength—for many injuries, the aid of a specialist can be necessary for effective treatment.

At Tenet Florida Physician Services Orthopaedics, we are proud to offer treatment from a team of talented, experienced and knowledgeable surgeons. Each of our surgeons specialize in multiple disciplines within the orthopaedic field, so you can be sure you’re getting quality treatment.

Our team of eight orthopaedic experts offers multiple procedures within their specialty. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, acute injury, reconstruction or rehabilitation, TFPS has the methods, skill, and experience to help you. We have treated hundreds patients with our procedures, from hand and wrist injuries to joint replacement and reconstruction. Our procedures include everything from minimally-invasive surgeries and major operations to non-surgical treatment and therapies.

For more information about the treatments we offer, contact TFPS today.