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Our team of experienced, board-certified orthopaedic surgeons treats bone, muscle, tendon and joint issues through a comprehensive treatment plan designed for each patient.

Some need a complex combination of pain management and physical therapy, others need minimally invasive surgery, while others may need open surgery and months of intensive follow-up. From the most basic splinting to the most advanced joint replacement, Tenet Florida Physician Services can do it all.

The goal of orthopaedic treatment is to restore the affected area to as much functionality as possible. This can involve a number of approaches, including non-surgical and surgical options. Your Tenet Florida Physician Services doctor will discuss these choices with you and your family. When you start on your journey toward wellness, you’ll have the whole TFPS team with you.

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  • Today, I feel amazing! I am focusing on my goals of becoming a professional soccer player and after that, a veterinarian. I feel really happy to know my scoliosis is behind me for good.

    Estrella Santiago Middle School Student Athlete, Patient of Dr. Jeffers
  • You may not believe what I’m about to tell you, but it’s true. Four months after my surgery, I won first place in my age class at a triathlon in Key Biscayne. Four car races after the surgery, I made it to the finish line with a Top-5 finish.

    Oswaldo Negri Jr. Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Racing Series
    Race Car Driver, Patient of Dr. Hersch
  • All the patience has paid off and Dr. Mohiuddin is a life saver. After a few months, my strength started returning and everything Dr. Mohiuddin told me came to fruition. I stayed focused, I stopped worrying and I trusted the process.

    David Calafell Professional Body Builder, Patient of Dr. Mohiuddin
  • My injured shoulder is now stronger than my other shoulder. That is pretty impressive! My times with Dr. Mohiuddin have been very positive experiences. He genuinely cares, listens and answers all the questions I asked about my shoulder.

    Barbie Deen Mending a Shoulder and Restoring Mobility
    Patient of Dr. Mohiuddin
  • I was in the waiting room less then 5 minutes and waited for the results for only 3 minutes! Got casted in approximately 10 minutes (perfection I must say). Overall, it was a great environment and they work very quick with excellent bedside manners.

    M. Dominguez X-Ray for Scaphoid Fracture, Patient of Dr. Mohiuddin
  • I can’t thank Dr. Hersch enough for everything he did for me. He went above and beyond what I would expect any doctor to do for a patient. Dr. Hersch’s team did everything possible to make my life easier, and I am forever grateful to them.

    Winsome Parker 4th Grade Teacher at Grand Cayman, Patient of Dr. Hersch

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