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Treating Nursemaid’s Elbow

Because children are still developing, ligaments and bones are particularly vulnerable to dislocation. As a result, children may suffer from a radial head subluxation, or “nursemaid’s elbow.” Nursemaid’s elbow occurs when a child’s radius pulls out of the annular ligament, which keeps it in the joint. While uncomfortable for the child, treatment can be fairly simple. However, do not attempt it yourself!

The pain of a nursemaid’s elbow either comes from the dislocation of the bone, or from the ligament becoming trapped between the radius and the humerus. This pain may make it difficult for your child to bend their arm. Apply ice to it, and go to an emergency room. If your child dislocates their elbow frequently, correction from a pediatric orthopaedist may be necessary.

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At Tenet Florida Physician Services, we specialize in treating the orthopaedic needs of children. We help parents understand the needs of their children’s developing skeleton and muscles, and we provide corrective procedures that help promote healthy growth. If your child requires correction of their elbow, we offer non-surgical and surgical solutions.

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How You Can Benefit from Nursemaid Elbow Treatment

  • Relieve your child’s pain
  • Prevent further dislocation
  • Allow your child to return to playing
  • Get experienced, multi-discipline care

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