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Injuries from High School Sports

Skilled Orthopaedic Treatment

Athletes are susceptible to a number of severe injuries, and youths are no exception. These injuries include ligament tears, such as the ACL, fracture bones, sprained or strained joints, and more. Treatment should address these conditions effectively in order to allow the patient to continue participating without threatening long-term health or stability.

Sports injuries suffered by adolescents require special care. The needs of growing bodies are far different from the needs of adults, and treatment should reflect that. Fortunately, at Tenet Florida Physician Services, our orthopaedic specialists have certified training in both pediatric and athletic orthopaedics, making us well-suited to treating your teen’s injuries.

Pediatric Orthopaedics for Athletes

When your teen is injured, our team of surgeons and therapists have the skill, experience, and expertise to make sure they recover wholly and effectively. We have non-surgical and surgical methods, including physical therapy, bracing, corrective devices, and minimally-invasive surgery. We can make sure your teen suffers minimal pain while recovering.

When your teen is injured, contact TFPS for the treatment they need.

Our High School Sports Injuries Specialists Providing Care for You

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    • Bowed Legs
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    • High School Sports Injuries
    • Knee & Lower Leg Reconstruction
    • Kyphosis Surgery
    • Nursemaid’s (Pulled) Elbow
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How You Can Benefit of Treatment

  • Helps your teen return to sports quickly
  • Builds long-term strength and function of limb
  • Prevents chronic pain or deformity in the joints
  • Restores full range of motion without impairment
  • Prevents further damage to the injured tissue

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