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Skilled Treatment for Bowed Legs

Pediatric Orthopaedists in Palm Beach

Bowed legs is a condition in which the lower leg curves outward from the knee. It is a normal part of a toddler’s appearance, and many grow out of it. However, in the event that the bowed legs do not correct themselves, there are other possible causes.

One is Blount’s disease, where a child’s skeletal growth plate will cause the legs to bow. Another cause is Rickets, a bone disease that cause bone deformities, including bowing. In any case, bracing and therapy may correct the problem, but in later stages of the disease, surgery may be the only corrective measure for bowed legs.

Specialists in Pediatric Treatment

At Tenet Florida Physician Services, our team includes highly-trained specialists in bone deformities and children’s orthopaedics. We understand the specific needs of children who need corrective treatment for their limbs. Whether your child needs non-surgical therapy or surgical realignment, our team has the skill and resources to provide the best possible outcome for your child.

Reach out to TFPS as soon as possible to help your child have a healthy, mobile life.

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How You Can Benefit from Bowed Legs Treatment

  • Restore normal bone growth
  • Prevent damage or pain to the joint
  • Improve a child’s ability to be active
  • Build strength in the bones and muscles

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