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Hip Preservation Surgery

Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is when the ball and socket joint of the hip is abnormally shaped, causing it to dislocate more easily. This creates long-term wear on the cartilage in the hip joint. However, hip preservation surgery allows patients to maintain their hip’s health before the cartilage wears out.

Hip preservation surgery realigns the hip to allow it to move normally in the socket. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute compares hip preservation to “realigning the tires of a car”—by realigning, you prevent wear on the “treads” of your hip joint, in this case the cartilage.

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Tenet Florida Physician Services is led by a team of orthopaedic specialists with extensive experience helping people regain and maintain mobility. Our surgeons have worked with all types of patients, particularly patients in demanding situations like professional sports or active military duty. Our procedures are designed to maximize strength and recovery while reducing recovery time.

Prevent long-term damage and disability—contact Tenet Florida Physician Services.

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How You Can Benefit from Hip Preservation Surgery

  • Begin physical therapy sooner
  • Maintain long-term health of hip
  • Prevent further damage to cartilage
  • Restore natural movement of the leg
  • Regain ability to participate in sports
  • Heal quickly with little-to-no complications

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